Thursday, January 14th, 2016


A beautiful trip to New York during the fall, I know it’s been a couple months but I still wanted to share these pretty pictures.  I was there for an engagement shoot which I am sharing on my photography blog today.  It fell on the weekend before Hunter and I’s anniversary so he decided to join and we made a long, fun weekend out of it.  The weather was beautiful and I loved the area we stayed in near Wall Street.
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Monday, October 19th, 2015


Our very last full day in Iceland! We chose to spend the morning at the Blue Lagoon, I’m so glad we planned it this way.  After all the driving and walking it was so relaxing to soak in the hot springs before heading back home.  We had lunch at the Blue Lagoon, which was delicious.  The night before we stayed at Northern Lights Inn which was recommended by Blue Lagoon since the hotel there was already booked.  If you want to spend the night, you definitely need to plan ahead.  Also, booking the first slot in the morning seemed much less crowded.  We spend our final evening wandering / shopping around Reykjavik again and flew home early the next morning.  
I can’t believe I finally made it through all of these photos. There are so, so, so many. I am going to do a complete itinerary / favorites round up soon so stayed tuned for that. Thanks for following along as I share some of my personal adventures along with illustration ones! 
Happy Monday! 

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015


A funny story about this leg of our trip… When booking a hotel to stay near Vik on our third night we looked on for places that were in or on the way there. We  were planning to spend some time at the beaches and had a glacier hike the next day.  As we neared Vik and decided to call our hotel to make sure we were on track and ok to check in late (all the hotels and guesthouses we stayed at happily accommodated our late arrivals every night).  Long story short, the hotel owner told us that in fact Vestmannaeyjar was an island and we would need to take a 45 minute ferry ride to get there.  The ferry dock? Oh, we had passed that about an hour ago and the last ferry was leaving at 10pm.  It was 8:30pm, no big deal. lol.  We scurried back and made on time, thankfully.  Honestly, I was not all that pleased that we hadn’t taken the time to look into this further (it was my fault).  We were a little disappointed that getting back to land the next day would cut into our time at the beach. Wrong… 
As we approached the string of small islands around 11pm (still light out of course) we were so pleasantly surprised by rock formation, beautiful scenery, tons of puffins, and the cutest little fishing town (Iceland does not disappoint you guys, not in any way).  Our kind hotel owner picked us up totally unexpectedly.  He must have felt bad that we were clueless about the location and since we arrived so late it didn’t leave us much time to explore so he personally drove us around the perimeter of the island.  He took us to some beautiful spots and with so much pride, explained the history of his little island to us.  There are only about 4,000 people who live on the largest island.  The others are uninhabited but some have small hunting cabins (like our guides family had… as in one family owned cabin per island, ha). Vestmannaeyjar has many active volcanoes above and below sea level, when a huge eruption occurred in the 70’s much of the island was damaged and people were evacuated.  It was crazy to see the lava, the “new” part of the island, solely built up from this eruption (as were all of the smaller islands from various volcanic eruptions).  Also, these photos were taken from about 11pm-12:30am.  Craziness.  After trying to find us food, then carrying our giant suitcases up four flights of stairs, our guide excused himself for bed and was back up at 6am making a delicious breakfast.  What began as frustration and nervousness ended up being a completely amazing experience.  We were so thankful for his kindness and willingness to accommodate us. We boarded the ferry in the morning only to wish we had more time there!
I have a few more posts on Iceland to share then I plan to do a complete itinerary roundup. Hope you all are enjoying the photos. They are taking me back and making me so happy to sort through. 

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


I really had to work up to these Iceland posts, there is just so much amazingness, so many photos, so many things to say about this amazing country.  After spending the weekend in New York we had a late (10:30pm) flight to Keflavik (the airport is about 40 minutes from central Reykjavik).  It was a short and relaxing 5 hour flight (New York was nice to break up the trip for my sister who was coming from San Francisco).  We arrived at 8:00am (4 hour time difference from the East Coast) and checked into Rey Apartments (photo above).  It was just the cutest little apartment and walking distance from the main road in Reykjavik.  Plus surrounded by several coffee shops and other restaurants.  We left our days in Reykjavik open and didn’t plan any sightseeing or tours. We used our time there to stroll around, go shopping, and of course try some of the amazing coffee that was recommended to us.  These are mostly photos from wandering around the first day.  We also spent our last day here which we again just shopped around and ate good food… 
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We discovered this cemetery across town so we stopped by here on our way out of Reykjavik on the second day.  It was beautiful and the area surrounding seemed very residential.  The most adorable houses ever. 
Below are some of my iPhone snaps…

(above) We had an amazing breakfast at Tiu dropar.  Everything was so fresh and homemade.  I had a bagel that came with homemade raspberry jam and brie cheese. Seriously delicious.  Most of the bread at restaurants seemed freshly baked.  The plain old regular coffee was amazing everywhere as well. 
(above) Cute streets and back alleys with happy colors everywhere while shopping.
(above) More fun buildings and paintings // Reykjavik Cathedral (you can climb to the top for excellent views and photos of the city)
(above) First two photos from Taco Barrin, delicious fish tacos and homemade salsa with baked chips // Sushi Samba our first night in Reykjavik // Gelato from Eldor (I think it was called) they also had crepes and several gluten free dessert options
Not pictured that we also enjoyed for coffee was C is for Cookie and Reykjavik Roasters, both were highly recommended and in our Fodors book 🙂

(above) Scenes from a few of the adorable stores.  I seriously want to buy everything in every single store.  Concept Store was among my favorite (the top photos).  The vibe and decor was moody and beautiful.  So many amazing treats! 
A few more photos from walking around the city.  I love that “cats of Reykjavik” is a thing, they were literally everywhere and so friendly just like the humans. haha. 
Reykjavik was surprisingly sunny and warm our second day there.  I guess we got lucky.  We were down to just a long sleeve and jeans as we wondered around in the afternoon.  It doesn’t seem like there are a ton of those “must see” touristy things in Reykjavik so we were totally happy with no plans and more time to just shop, eat, and hang out. I’m convinced there is no bad coffee whatever so ever there.  I seriously loooooved Reykjavik.  I can’t wait to go back, I actually didn’t want to leave at all! 
I am excited to continue sharing more of our trip.  I plan to do a complete round up at the end with more logistics and our itinerary day by day for anyone interested.  Thanks for adventuring with me today.   XO 

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015


Some snapshots from running around New York over 4th of July weekend (we left from here to go to Iceland).  It was a nice stop off to spend a few days in the city, relaxing and catching up with some of my favorite people.  My friends brought me to some new fabulous lunch and dinner spots and we also did the ferry to Liberty Island for the first time.  I’ve had friends in NY since I starting going so I usually skip anything too touristy.  This was neat to see, especially with giant pretzels in hand on the 4th of July (so American of us!).  
Hop over to my photography blog if you would like to see the full shoot I did with Ashten on her rooftop and around Brooklyn.  New York I love you! 
(ps. my next NYC travel date is the weekend of October 9th if anyone would like to book me)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015


We spent Memorial Day weekend (and some) at my grandparents house.  They live in a tiny town in South Carolina where my grandmother grew up.  I love visiting, as it’s always relaxing, slow, and quiet there.  No wifi, barely any phone service, the woods, and farm animals. love.  Greenville, South Carolina is only about an hour away, we usually will spend a day there when we go.  Main Street in Greenville is filled with fun little shops and restaurants that we always love visiting.  Although, we seem to return to Tupelo Honey to dine each time because it’s just so darn good there.

I take similar photos each time we visit, although depending on the season they always feel different. New plants and flowers in bloom, new baby animals born, a new area in the woods to explore…

I’m having a bit of a hard time jumping back into the week after a long weekend! Although  I’ve wrapped up a few huge projects this week and last, now I am looking forward to another weekend away in Orlando.  West Elm is hosting me and some other makers at their store on Conroy Road! If you are in the Orlando area please stop by and say hello.  The event is Saturday May 30th from 12pm-4pm.



Wednesday, March 4th, 2015


Today I am wrapping up my photo journal from Antarctica with this last set of pictures from Danco Island.  Thanks for following along as I relieved these beautiful days here on my blog.  I’ve said this already, but words and pictures simply cannot describe the true beauty of this magical place.  I’m so grateful for this trip and for my sister who encouraged it.  I am so thankful my sister possesses the same spirit of adventure and that we can do things like this together.  It was literally the best trip ever.
All the quotes and sayings about traveling are so true…I especially love the words of Anthony Bourdain, “Travel isn’t always pretty.  It isn’t always comfortable.  Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart.  But that’s okay.  The journey changes you – it should change you.  It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body.  You take something with you…Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”
Once you get a taste of the wonders this world holds, it becomes so hard to not explore (and when you’re not exploring, it’s hard to turn off the daydreams about future destinations).  When life presents the opportunity to adventure… just go.  Go see what the world has to offer.  Go see how other people live. Go do things that scare you…
“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world…”

*more photos on my photography blog, here*


Saturday, February 28th, 2015



After going through all of my photos from Antarctica, I have to say I think this was my favorite area.  The ice formations, icebergs, and mountains were totally insane. The grey skies made for a lack of horizon when you gazed out across the water, really making it feel like we had reached the end of the world.  I’ll never be able to describe it and these pictures will never do this place justice.  Since I simply couldn’t pick favorites, I posted a million more on my photography.  Hop over to see the full post from this day : here
During our cruise around Pleneau Island, we were pleasantly surprised to find a playful leopard seal.  He considered the idea of coming into the water from his iceberg napping spot for several minutes.  We watched in awe as he stared back at us, poked his head under the water, and stared at us some more.  After several minutes he slithered in the water and began canoodling with our little boat; swimming under it and around, back down, popping his head up right next to someone…  The water was crystal clear and we could watch his every move.  The animals of the Antarctic and truly amazing creatures.  To see animals in their own, pristine environment is an honor.  There sadly are not many places like this left.
“Otherworldly” is best word I can find to sum up this continent, it really is it’s own special little planet.

Saturday, February 21st, 2015


As usual, click below to “read more” and/or see the full set of photos on my photography blog
If you like fuzzy baby penguins, you may not want to skip this one! 

 Petermann Island made for a really wonderful morning in Antarctica.  Maybe my favorite of all the penguin sightings.  The babies were out and about unlike the smaller babies the previous day who were still hiding underneath their mothers.  Plus these guys were bigger and fluffier, which was impossibly cute.  You can see some of the gang kayaking in a couple photos.  We mostly just meandered in the snow, watching the penguins and hiking up to gaze at this beautiful view.  

Petermann Island is home to the southernmost gentoo penguin colony.  This island was discovered by a German whaling and sealing expedition.  It is one of the southerly stops the cruises make.  The island was named after a German geographer, August Petermann.  In addition to the gentoos, adelies and blue-eyed shags also nest here and snow algae grows abundantly. 


Thursday, January 29th, 2015


I am so excited to begin sharing some photos from my travels this past month.  I hope you don’t mind that some icy landscapes pop up here and there in the next couple weeks between illustration projects.  For any who wondered why my shop was closed for so long or why you received away messages as I seemed to have disappear, well this is why… 
Click “read more” below for more insight on our trip and more photos! 

I’m really at a loss for words when beginning to explain this trip, what we saw, and how much it meant to be to experience this with my sister.  A necessary voyage in every sense of the word.  Something my sister and I have longed for and decided to just go for it.  All seven continents are on our bucket list (we just have two left now!).  A lot of people asked us why Antarctica… um why not? We both have an extreme yearning and need to experience the world, that is my best answer.
Antarctica truly felt like another planet.  You will see this even better in the following days of photos.  As we went further south on our journey the scenery got more icy, more blue, bigger mountains, bigger icebergs, more otherworldly… 
Our journey began in Miami, we flew directly to Buenos Aires from there.  We stayed for a night at the recommendation of our cruise line since the port city we would leave from is extremely small and flights can sometimes be majorly delayed.  It was a nice bonus to have a full day in Buenos Aires.  We left very early the next morning for Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world!  We spent the night in Ushuaia to board our vessel the following day (photos of Argentina to come). The journey to Antarctica takes you across the dreaded Drake’s Passage, the roughest ocean in the world! It is where the current of three seas meet causing angry waves and storms.  The crew said we we’re relatively lucky to have nice weather (although I can’t say I felt well during the almost two days across. barf.) 
The first stop shown above was Aitcho Island in the South Shetland Islands.  I was initially surprised to see so much rock here, then again it is summer for them right now, ha.  If you’re curious to know, summer equals about 15 degrees and colder as we went further.  We surely were bundled up from head to toe the entire time.  Stepping onto land for the first time, greeted by thousands of gentoo penguins, chinstrap penguins, and moulting elephant seals was ridiculously exciting.  I was relieved to be on land after that long journey.  The crew stated once again, we were lucky to have a sunny day, hard to come by in Antarctica and definitely didn’t last the whole time.  After this day, we boarded our ship and once again cruised overnight to the next destination.  Stay tuned! 
I’m trying to keep these posts a reasonable length. I posted a bit more (and the images are a little larger) on my photography blog, right here.  Also feel free to ask any questions in the comment section if you’re interested in our journey.  I will include more info in the coming posts as well.  Hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me today.  xox  

Saturday, December 27th, 2014


This is the day! My sister and I leave for our epic Antarctica adventure this afternoon.  I’m beside myself.  I really can’t believe this is happening! I’ve been dreaming in shades of icy blue for weeks and can’t wait to share photos when we return.  We fly to Buenos Aires tonight, stay there on Sunday night.  Then we head way down south to Ushuaia where we board the ship.  We cruise the Antarctica Peninsula and beyond for ten days.  When we return we have three nights to play in Buenos Aires before we head back home (any recommendations for Buenos Aires are welcome!).  I’m already looking forward to 2015 and diving into work.  The new year is going to bring great things (there are already a few in the works) and I’m just so excited.  You can follow our adventures over the next couple weeks on instagram @shannonkirsten 
I have an away message up on my Esty shop for the time away.  If you’re interested in inquiring about a custom project feel free to e-mail or etsy message me with details.  I will be looking forward to responding and starting some new work once I return home mid January! 

Monday, November 3rd, 2014


A few work and life snippets from October.  Such a good month, always… 
 WORK:  I slowed down on custom for hot minute to work on some illustrations and products I’ve really been wanting to create for my shop. I can’t wait to receive samples back from my printer and have them available in the coming weeks.  I’ve been working on some Christmas items as well, more on those very soon!  The second photo is from a photo shoot for a colloboration that we’ll be announcing later in the week. I updated my shop with a handful of new greeting cards, listed some past holiday favorites, and new suites from the summer that are now available for customization.  Check out the new listings here!

 HOME:  We decorated for fall just a tiny bit with the cutest heirloom pumpkins from Trader Joes.  I hung some of my vintage paintings in the dining room, they’ve been needing a home for awhile.  Twiggy has enjoyed laying on the table and basking in the sun from our back windows.  We enjoyed pumpkin everything, including these bagels from Trader Joes.  Lastly, I began painting and reforming my walk-in closet, I’m probably a little too excited about this room of the house.  I decided on a very dark accent wall (the rest white of course). Before and after photos to come! 
LIFE:  The weather was finally cool this weekend! We were beyond excited to sit outside and enjoy a chilly ocean breeze.  We actually caught a sunset this month.  Even though a few trips to the beach and to Ringling (the rose photo) were for photo shoots, it’s still such lovely scenery to enjoy while working. Lastly, Hunter and I celebrated three years on Halloween.  Life is good.  I’m getting so stoked for the holidays, even though this will be my last chill week and weekend at home, I’m looking forward to all that these next two months have in store.  
Happy November (& Monday!) my friends… xox 

Monday, October 20th, 2014


Another beautiful gulf coast sunset… except this weekend, temperatures are finally starting to drop a bit!  It was surprisingly cool and breezy every night this weekend.  Although still warm (80’s) during the day, the humidity has definitely lessened.  Finally starting to see the first signs of fall here in Florida.  
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well.  xox 

Friday, June 27th, 2014


Just a few snapshots from recent beach shoots over the past couple weeks.  It’s been HOT lately, but at least our little island provides the most beautiful scenery to make a day outside worth it.  I’m leaving mermaid life behind this week and heading to NYC! It’s been way too long since I’ve visited the city and I’m dying with excitement.  New York is so inspiring and some of my favorite people live there.  I can’t wait to come back with a ton of photos and fresh ideas.  I’m kicking off the weekend with my mom’s birthday today, Hunter’s sisters wedding tomorrow, then I leave bright and early Sunday morning and it will be non stop through next week.  Also gearing up for some fun projects and shoots in July that I can’t wait to share.  
Have an amazing weekend! Be back next week. xx 

Thursday, December 5th, 2013


Thanksgiving weekend we camped at Lake Panasoffkee on Hunter’s grandma’s property.  It was so much fun to catch up with everyone.  Spending chilly nights under the stars, by the fire is the best.  
It’s been craziness this week since I got back.  I’ve been catching up on editing, painting, enjoying my birthday, and decorating for Christmas in between.  Hope everyone had a happy holiday! 

Thursday, November 21st, 2013


Aren’t flamingos so beautiful? These are some snapshots from an adventure with Sarah and Cami to take pictures with them last week.  You can see a few more on my photography blog.  I just love their feathers and shade of salmony pink.  So much fun. 

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013


It has been a floraly, photo shooting kind of week over here! I’ve loved every second of this month and all of the exciting projects I have been working on.  We had tons of flowers left over from a shoot so I’ve been making arrangements for everyone, placing them all over the house, and of course photographing them.  Can’t wait to share some fun things soon! 

Monday, November 4th, 2013


As usual, a few instagram / iphone snaps from my weekend.  If you haven’t already noticed, I LOVE Halloween (holidays in general) so this was definitely a fun weekend!  We dressed up Friday night for a halloween party, I was a witch and Hunter let me paint his face like a crazy skeleton.  Other than the party, we had lots of down time.  I was happy to catch up on some work, finish editing lots photos and get some fall baking in.  
I also got new custom blinds installed in my office on Saturday, not a very exciting improvement, but a necessary one.  Now I get to hunt for some awesome new curtains to jazz the windows up.  
This week will be spent gearing up for my mom and I’s annual art show this Friday and Saturday.  I have lots of new things for the holidays in progress.  I can’t wait until my Christmas collection comes back from the printer…more on that soon! 
Happy Monday! 

Monday, October 28th, 2013


I had an amazing time in South Carolina last week visiting with my grandparents and exploring with my dad.  These are just some of my iPhone snaps from the week.  I can’t wait to go through all my “real photos” and share them soon.  It was so chilly everyday and the leaves had just started changing colors.  It was nice to soak it all in and relax for a bit before the holiday madness really kicks up a notch.  
Happy Monday

Saturday, October 19th, 2013


Since I’m working today I’m just going to dream about last Saturday…  
Summary:  I couldn’t think of anything better to do / eat and very few people that I would rather be with more than Cami, Heather, Sadie, and Tuck.  Having a PERFECT cheese plate at Artisan Cheese Company and melt in your mouth desserts from Short Giraffe was literally the cherry on top. 
Hope you’re spending your Saturday with your favorites.  xoxo

Friday, October 4th, 2013


Part one of our trip to New Orleans for fashion week.  I am so in love with this city and all of it’s charm.  I mean, the buildings alone!  It is always so fun to explore and find new hidden treasures around nola.  More from this trip to come. 
Happy Friday! 

Friday, September 27th, 2013


Heading to New Orleans Fashion Week today for the weekend.  I’m so excited to spend time with some fabulous, creative ladies!  Tomorrow is a shop your city day and we will be at Hattie Sparks on Adams Street for a Camilyn Beth trunk show.  Sunday night Camilyn Beth will be showing her spring ’14 collection in her very first runway show.  I’m so proud of CB and excited to be a part of the excitement!  See you on Tuesday! 

Thursday, September 26th, 2013


I recently purchased an instax mini and I have been taking it everywhere with me.  I’m a little obsessed. The pictures are miniature and just so dang cute.  If you’ve been considering one, I promise it’s time!  

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


– A beautiful sunset above the river at the end of our street // My photography featured in Ellements Magazine Extended Swim Issue // Late afternoon shooting with Ashten
Camilyn Beth’s new mini assistant // Coffee Loft with mom // Twiggy
– Boba Tea, the best // New blanket from Ikea // & Relaxing over the weekend 
– Pretty lighting and playing with vsco // My new camera arrived (highlight of the year!)
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Monday, August 5th, 2013


top: gap / jeans: joe’s jeans / wedges & bag: target / sunglasses & bracelets: forever 21 / rings: asos / necklace: vintage
A few photos Cami snapped of my while we were exploring and shooting street style last week.  I guess we were channeling / trying to blend in with the statues at Ringling Museum, ha.  Anyways, I’ve never been a fan of orange until recently.  It’s bold and fresh and the perfect little pop of color.  I got this shirt in every color from Gap (whoops).  It’s so comfortable (and on sale now).  
Happy Monday! xx

Monday, July 8th, 2013


Some miscellany and silliness from the weekend!
exploring / location scouting with Hunter, good food, cocktails, fireworks, and time spent relaxing with family and friends.

Hope everyone enjoyed their loooong weekend!
Happy Monday xx