Friday, March 29th, 2019


Happy Friday! 

I wanted to pop in and share some Spring updates around the bungalow. Redecorating and rearranging is my current hobby and creative outlet.  As a very visual person, a change of  scenery is so appealing to me and it keeps me fresh and inspired.  Since I am constantly creating for work it is nice to have something to do outside of painting that still requires creativity but with less pressure!  That is why I have been keeping up with a personal instagram the past few months, I love having an extra reason to pull out my nice camera and style some photos just for fun. Okay on to Spring decor…I am a pink / pastel person no matter the time of year so my heart really soars for Spring when the decor on store shelves is all light and flowery!  I have never decorated for Easter but these straw eggs felt bohemian and really spoke to me at Target last week (as Target does, lol).  I found the bunny and carrot garland at TJ Maxx and threw some tulips in my favorite Anthropologie vases of all time. Keeping it simple with just the mantle (oh wait, not pictured – a cute jar of colorful jelly beans that my husband keeps picking out the good colors from, haha). Scroll through for some more decor that involves mostly plants and my animals who really know how to live it up and relax… 

My rattan chair is usually in this corner but I switched them last week for a change (see below). I’m always playing around to get the chairs right in here. I read somewhere that two feet of each chair / couch should be on an area rug to make the space feel bigger.  I go back and forth but filling the corners just seems to work better for our little space.  What do you think about those ‘space saving’ type of ‘rules’?

(pet lounge part I)

Before the switch but all the plants stayed as is.  I love how crazy this guy has become!

I have a love/hate with our built-ins.  I mean I really love them more than hate but between this, the fireplace and the front door it pretty much keeps the living room facing one way only.  I enjoy changing them up though.  That’s the fun part.  I got these little fish prints in Copenhagen last month (more on our trip soon).  My Anthropologie frames are still empty (waiting on wedding pics!) but they come with the prettiest backgrounds for now. Everything else is thrifted 🙂

These tassel pillows are only $12.99 at H&M.  Blade has taken them over but for that price, I’m okay with it.  I feel like I can keep the couch looking somewhat cute with these and not worry about him slobbering on my more expensive Anthro pillows.  

Anthro table runner that I got for the sweetheart table at our wedding. I love it so much.  A farmers market haul every Saturday is a favorite Spring thing to do right now.

I updated our bar cart with some of our pretty new wedding gifts!  These stemless wine glasses are my favorite! They are from Anthro along with the copper pitcher (which is now on sale this weekend).

This is the jungle bathroom.  I keep telling people my plant secret is just putting them in here. I really like it’s the steam from the shower, they constantly get lightly misted and love it in here! 

This Ikea plant stand is the cutest.  

This guy was a wedding gift from my friend and fellow plant lady, Jodi. I have always wanted one of these.  It’s perfect for our large east facing windows and I like how much presence it has amongst the smaller plants

Again, they are just really good at lounging and living the good life.

I went all Konmari on my closet and I am enjoying having things so neat and tidy.  I just bought a bunch of cute sea grass baskets to hide the last bit of junk, more on this soon. This closet room has had quite an evolution over the years.

Last but not least, my girls basking in the sun.  Twiggy has claimed this Urban Outfitters floor pillow as her new bed.  She’s cute enough to get get away with whatever. 

Hope your weekend is a great one!



Friday, March 22nd, 2019


Last night we had the pleasure of visiting the new Sarasota Modern for their grand opening party. Everything is just SO CUTE.  From the pink floors, pink palms by the pool, outdoor bath tubs and more.  I just love the retro twist on the rooms and decor. We had a fun time exploring and cocktail tasting.  The Modern is a perfect staycation or girls night destination, I’m already looking forward to going back and trying Rudolph’s (the gator on the ceiling is fantastic, right?).  I will let the photos do the talking…

Happy Friday!


Dress: Free People  //  Shoes: Raye  //  Bag: Cult Gaia



Monday, March 11th, 2019


It’s been a few weeks since returning home from our honeymoon and I’m finally feeling ‘normal’ again & caught up on work after all of our wedding festivities and traveling.  It has been a whirlwind to say the least! I’ve been dying to put some posts together but I had so. many. photos. to go through. 

We kicked off our Scandinavian adventure with a short stop over in Oslo.  I booked all one way flights through Norwegian and ended up saving a little (somehow?).  It worked out to be cheaper to fly through Oslo than straight to Finland (where we originally planned our trip around) so we were like why not!? And oh how I wish we could have had more time here, but we packed our day and a half full and had so much fun.  It consistently snowed pretty, fluffy flurries the entire time and stayed around 25-30 degrees (celsius).  Having lived my entire life in Florida, snow makes me incredibly happy. 

We got in at about 5pm on our first night and went to Mamma Pizza , we both agreed it was one of the best pizza’s we’ve ever had and it was a really cute little spot.  The next day we took the bus (about 20 minutes & a beautiful ride) to the Viking Ship Museum which was Hunter’s main priority for the day 🙂  It was a small museum with mostly just ships and a few artifacts, something you could do in an hour or under.  Next door to this is the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. It is partially open air with cabins, an old church (the black building in my photos) and then indoors is filled with beautiful folk art. It was really fun to explore in the snow and read about Norse culture.  That night we went to Cielito for tacos.  Everything was walking distance from our hotel, Citybox  which was so nice for our short stay.  There were many great shops, restaurants and cafes around the area. The morning that we were heading out we visited Gunnars Generasjonsbar, it was such a good breakfast. We had been craving a traditional breakfast and found it here…eggs, the most fresh bread ever and sweet potato tater tots. And oh the coffee in all of Scandinavia, it’s sooo strong and sooo dark and I’ve been missing it ever since! 

Enjoy some snowy photos, I will be rounding up our time in Finland and Denmark next…




Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019


Happy New Year! I wanted to share some of our recent engagement photos at home as we enter into a very exciting time in life.  Our wedding is just around the corner, 19 days and counting! 

This year was a mixed bag of feelings.  I found myself doing way less of what I love most, the very reason I ‘went into business’. Using my hands to create, the actual act of painting and creating. With growth of a small business and the way you end up wearing all the hats, it’s easy to lose sight of your true passion.  I never set out to be a marketing director, a social media manager, an accountant, a customer service rep, or really even a business owner at all! I am a painter and an artistic free spirit to my core. The business side has never come as naturally to me, it has been many years of learning and trial and error. I have always had a strong drive for success though, to do more and to serve as many clients as possible.  But this year I felt myself sinking and barely able to catch a breath as I desperately tried to keep up with all of my many commitments.  Add the stress of planning a fairly large wedding and loss of key family members. I have been just surviving, not thriving.  I stopped looking at the bigger picture and only worried about keeping up from day to day.  It’s so hard to prioritize and find balance sometimes.  This year, our marriage changes things.  It’s not just about me anymore but a future with a person I love and the life we will build together.  I want to feel more present in the moments I share with Hunter, family and friends and I want to use my time more intentionally.  I want to carve out days where I can create just for fun, without the pressure of deadlines because that is when I feel the happiest and most fulfilled with my work.  I want to get better at saying ‘no’. I have never been one for resolutions but rather setting attainable accomplishments for each year and evaluating short term and long term goals as the business grows and changes each year.  I want to just generally feel like I am being a better person, friend, listener to those around me and I realize I can only do that when I myself am feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled by my career. 

What do you think about resolutions? I definitely prefer a word or words to live by, something that is a work in progress not just for the year but for many. That being said I am choosing – 

I N T E N T I O N + P U R P O S E + J O Y 

I hope your New Year is off to a great start.  Wish us luck (& good Florida weather) as we round out our 8 months of wedding planning for the big day on January 20th! I can hardly believe it’s here.  It will likely be quiet around here this month but I will be SOOOO looking forward to sharing some end of the year projects from 2018, the things I created for our wedding, our photos, and our HONEYMOON!  Big, wonderful adventures to come.

The shop will be taking a break towards the end of the month but we will still be shipping for the next two weeks and booking custom wedding clients for spring and summer! 

Cheers to this being the best year yet! 

xoxo, SK

Outfit 1 – Dress: Fillyboo via Free People // Earrings: Anthropologie // Shoes: Raye via Revolve // Him: H&M  @ Our Bungalow

Outfit 2 – Dress: Anthropologie // Earrings: Anthropologie // Sunglasses: Fendi // Him: J.Crew & H&M @ Beer Can Island on Longboat Key, FL

Photography by Josh + Rachel


Wednesday, December 19th, 2018


I love getting festive for the holidays by decorating every inch of our space.  Since the plants have really taken over since last year I wanted to incorporate thing into the decor this year. Hunter put lights on them and I think it makes a fun touch. It’s getting very jungley in here! 
Picture perfect puppy
Tassel Garland: Ballard Design // Vases & Stocking Holders: Anthropologie // Stockings & Wood Trees: Target // Bell Garland: Michaels 
I was obsessed with these envelope stocking holders from Anthropologie.  I usually hang them with tiny nails so this was a worthy purchase this year considering my extreme love for all things stationery 🙂  I plan to use them to shoot some cards for my catalog instead of packing them away all year!
Tassel Pillow: Anthrologie // Lumbar Pillow: Target // Christmas Pillow: Furbish 
Blades Sweater: Target (they have the cutest pet stuff and I love that they make every item in XL for my big guy!)
Tassel Pillow: Anthropologie (now on sale) // Peace on Earth Pillow: Marshalls
Always trying to make the TV look a little prettier. It’s tough.  The pom garlands are from Target last year. Everything else are vintage nick nacks.  The tin box is the cutest candle from Anthro, they smell so good and have really precious animal illustrations on them this year. This one is Milk & Cookies.
All of these ornaments are Anthro, except the spotted dog from West Elm 
Brush Trees & Vase: Target 
More Vintage nick nacks and leftover stir sticks from my shower (printed by
Hope you all are enjoying this sweet holiday season!