I am thrilled to launch and share some details about this special collaboration between myself and Camilyn Beth.  This is CB’s first print on her perfect, classic designs. We could not be happier with how the dresses turned out.  Cami and I have been friends since we were 14 & 16, we were always doing creative things together growing up.  I remember having paint days at both of our parents houses, we were always making signs for games when we were cheerleaders and Cami even made her prom dress her senior year!  We dreamed of doing something creative together and eventually both ended up at fashion school.  We started our ‘official’ businesses around the same time and have always helped each other with styling, photography, blogging and just general bff / business advice.  She has understood the blood, sweat and tears of creating something from nothing and I’ve felt so blessed to be on this journey together. Through all the crazy years getting the businesses off the ground it’s been so nice to have a best friend to compare notes with, bounce ideas off of and share in each others successes. As you can see, this really has been a looooong time coming. This is a dream come true for us! 

You can shop the dresses online at